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Serological and immunological methods for diagnosing the disease are not used. Treatment is carried out by an infectious disease specialist. Patients with this infection are treated in a hospital. For treatment, antiprotozoal drugs are used, such as Metronidazole, Tinidazole or antibacterial drugs - Monomycin, oxytetracycline, ampicillin. The drugs are prescribed in cycles of levaquin days. Such cycles can be from 2 to 5 with intervals of 7 days between them, depending on the severity of the infection.

In a chronic course, the mucosa of the large intestine will be inflamed, swelling is less pronounced. Small ulcers are found on the mucous membrane, as well as scars, which indicate the duration of the disease. Also, patients are prescribed vitamin therapy, hemostatic drugs, immunity boosters, probiotics, lactobacilli. These drugs are prescribed to normalize the human microflora and increase the body's defenses. Therapy is considered effective after the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease, as well as in the absence of levofloxacin pills forms of the pathogen and cysts in the feces. The criterion for successful therapy is the absence of ulcers on the intestinal mucosa.

Balantidiasis is a curable disease. The prognosis for timely proper treatment is favorable.

In the chronic course or lack of therapy, there is a risk of developing complications that can lead to death. There is no specific prevention of balantidiasis. Mass prevention consists of the following activities: informing people about the infection and how to protect against it; protection of levofloxacin 500mg from pollution by pig feces; control over pig farms, pig products; regular medical examination of people working in infectious diseases departments, nand pig farms, etc.

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A reliable way to prevent balantidiasis is to follow the rules of personal hygiene: washing hands before eating, after contact with animals, after visiting public places; do not eat unwashed vegetables and fruits, do not drink raw water from unknown sources; do not buy meat in spontaneous markets, without appropriate licenses; subject the pork to a good heat treatment. Such simple rules will protect the body from Balantidium coli infection. Remember, prevention is always easier and cheaper than cure. Balantidiasis: symptoms, treatment and prevention.


Balantidiasis (infusor dysentery) - refers to a group of intestinal parasitic diseases that occur with ulcerative defects in the large intestine and are accompanied by general intoxication complaints.

In the early 1980s, balantidia were first discovered in pigs. Subsequently, it turned out that the level of infection of these animals reaches 80%. In 1897, the Swedish doctor Malmsten, examining the feces of patients with diarrhea, found balantidia in them. The scientist for the first time described in detail the disease, the clinical picture and complaints of patients. N. Solovyov established the fact that balantidia are interstitial parasites, he also singled out the disease as a separate nosological diagnosis.

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The microbe that causes the disease is balantidia (balantidium coli), a ciliated ciliate, the largest causative agent of levaquin in humans from the type Protozoa. The development cycle of a microorganism includes two stages: Vegetative balantidia oval, up to 80 microns in length and up to 60 microns in width. The external environment has a detrimental effect on the microbes of this form. In feces, they remain viable for up to 6 hours.

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The disease is distributed mainly among rural residents, especially among people whose activities are related to the cultivation of pigs. Infection of caregivers can reach 30%. Balantidiasis is distributed throughout the world. How is balantidiasis transmitted?
Balantidiasis cysts enter the stomach through the digestive tract, then pass through the small intestine and begin reproduction and development in the lumen of the upper colon. At this point, the infected may have complaints characteristic of poisoning.